The Department of Mathematics was established at the same time as the Faculty of Science in 1973, having two more sections Statistics and Computer Science which later become autonomous departments in 1981 and 1985, respectively. Pure mathematics and applied mathematics are the key pedagogical and research domains of the department of mathematics, which are supported by the work and contribution of numerous academic staff, scientific researchers, and students at both undergraduate and graduate level. A major goal of the department is to effectively address current scientific problems by integrating theoratical notions and modern applied mathematics. Additional goals include research advancement, promotion of dialogue in the field of science, production of publications in renowned scientific journals, as well as active involvement in local and international conferences, scientific seminars, training programs and workshops. Furthermore, keeping abreast of the latest in scientific research, technological innovations, and smart education strategies is a priority for the deparment. Another important concern of the department is to stimulate a dialogue with experts in other scientific fields such as statistics, operations research, physics, various branches of engineering and to equip mathematics experts with the competencies needed to make a valuable contribution to nationwide development initiatives for state schools and universities.

Leading in the academic and research fields and competing internationally.

Affording sound scientific and research cadres and enriching advanced scientific research in the fields of mathematics and related applications.

Scientific Programs

Awards & Accreditation


ABET Accreditation

The Department of Mathematics obtained academic accreditation ABET Untill 2028.



The Department of Mathematics conditinally obtain NCAAA accreditation (Programs) Untill Apr 2025.


Best Department

Award for the best scientific department for postgraduate studies.


Distinguished Department

President’s Award for the Distinguished Scientific Department.


Excellence E-Learning

President’s Award for Excellence and Creativity in E-Learning.